Standard Rate
Premium Rate
(20.00h-08.00h) + Sundays + Public holidays*
Inital Charge
Distance Allowance = 500 meters
Time Allowance = 85 seconds



Tarriff A (up to 15km or 43mins) €1.10 per km
or €0.39 per min
€1.40 per km
or €0.49 per min
Tarriff B (over 15km or 43mins) €1.40 per km
or €0.49 per min
€1.75 per km
or €0.62 per min

A special premium rate will apply from 8.00pm on Christmas Eve to 8.00am on St. Stephen's Day and from 8.00pm on New Year's Eve to 8.00am on New Year's Day. During these periods the Initial Charge will be €4.00 and then Tariff B (night-time) applies (€1.75 per km or €0.62 per min).

Initial Charge:

The initial charge is the amount which appears on the meter at the beginning of the journey. A new initial charge takes effect from 30th April 2015. This is €3.60 standard rate or €4.00 premium rate and includes an initial distance of 500 meters or a period of 85 seconds.

Further travel:

After the distance or time that is included in the initial charge has been exceeded, the fare for further travel is calculated at small portions of the journey. At low speeds, or when a taxi is stationary, the fare is calculated on the basis of time. Once the taxi exceeds a certain speed, the fare is then calculated according to the distance travelled. The speed at which charges switch from being distance-related to being time-related is known as the changeover speed.
The changeover speed for the National Maximum Taxi Fare is just above 21 km/h.

The time-related rate for further travel applies at speeds below the changeover speed, this charge is uniform throughout the country, and is based on a graduated structure of two tariffs. Journeys that travel beyond the initial time or distance covered by the initial charge and that are short in distance and duration are subject to Tariff A, the lowest rate. For longer length journeys, trips are charged at a higher rate: Tariff B the highest rate.


From 08.00h to 20.00h, the rates for Tariff A are €1.10 per km and €0.39 per minute for the next 15km or 43 minutes after the initial charge. At premium rates, travel within Tariff A is €1.40 per km or €0.49 per minute.
When the initial charge and Tariff A are exceeded, the meter will record further travel on Tariff B. From 08.00h to 20.00h, the rates for Tariff B are €1.40 per km and €0.49 per minute. At premium rates, travel within Tariff B is €1.75 per km or €0.62 per minute.
It would not be reasonable or safe to demand taxi drivers to undertake journeys of unlimited distance, and so taxi drivers have the right to refuse journeys over 35km from the pick up point.

Premium charge:

A premium applies to taxi fares at certain times to encourage supply. These are generally known as unsocial hours rates and apply in particular to taxi operation at night and throughout the day on Sundays and public holidays.
In addition to these unsocial hours a special premium rate applicable to the festive public holiday periods of between 20-00 hours Christmas Eve to 08-00 hours St. Stephen's Day and between 20-00 hours New Year's Eve to 08-00 hours New Year's Day. During these periods Tariff B will operate immediately after the premium rate initial charge.

Booking charge:

When a taxi is booked by telephone, email, fax, text, (or any method other than by hailing in the street or engaging at a taxi rank), taxi drivers are permitted to charge a maximum of €2.00 for such journeys. This charge does not apply to taxis hailed on the street or engaged at taxi ranks or at transport terminals.

Extra passenger charge:

An additional charge of €1.00 may be charged by taxi drivers for each additional passenger. Two children under twelve will be charged as one adult. Note that if there is only a single child in the vehicle under the age of 12 years they are deemed to be the hirer. Extra children under 12: 1 free, 2nd or 3rd €1.00; 4th or 5th € 2.00; 6th or 7th €3.00 etc.

Road toll charges:

Where a road toll charge is necessarily incurred on a trip, the exact cost of the toll may be added to the taxi fare. Any tolls charged must be recorded in handwriting on the receipt printed by the printer attached to the taximeter.


Customers may give tips to reward good service at their discretion. Tips may be recorded in handwriting on the receipt.

Drivers may give discounts on fares. The driver has the right to charge the maximum amount calculated on the meter or a lesser sum at his or her discretion. Customers have the right to request discounts before engaging the taxi. Any discounts given may be recorded in handwriting on the receipt. In the absence of any arrangement on discounts agreed in advance, the customer is liable to pay the amount calculated by the meter in full.

When a journey is pre-booked, customers may waive their right to have a particular journey charged on the meter. In this situation a prior written agreement must be signed by both the driver and the passenger. This is known as a waiver agreement and must be agreed by driver and passenger in advance at the booking stage.

Soiling charge:

A soiling charge is payable by passengers who dirty or damage a taxi to the extent that it has to be taken out of service or will incur a cost to clean or repair. Such soiling or damage can incur significant costs for drivers or operators and a loss of earnings due to downtime. To discourage such soiling and compensate drivers or operators, a soiling charge of €140 applies.

Extras that may not be charged.
The Commission for Taxi Regulation is of the view that the carrying of luggage is an integral part of an SPSV service and is reflected in the basic charge. In addition there is now a significant diversity in the type of bags and goods carried by passengers which can lead to disputes in relation to the interpretation of what constitutes luggage. In the interest of transparency and simplicity no additional charge is permitted for any type of luggage or mobility aids.


The carrying of animals will be at the discretion of the driver but no charge will apply where animals are carried. The driver will not have the right to refuse to carry an assistance (guide) dog unless on certified medical grounds.

Miscellaneous charges.
Charges, including charges for extra stops, and charges for hiring at the rank at Dublin Airport are not permitted under the National Maximum Taxi Fare.